100 Monkeys - "Modern Times"
by chris buongiorno

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A miniature western tale about the sweet taste of revenge!

*Winner of "Best Music Video" at 2011 Festivus Film Festival

Directed by: Chris Buongiorno
Starring: Jackson Rathbone, Ben Graupner, Jerad Anderson, Ben Johnson, Lawrence "Uncle Larry" Abrams
Writers: Brian Thomas Barnhart and Chris Buongiorno
Producer: Chris Buongiorno
Lead Puppeteer: Scott Land (Team America: World Police - http://www.thepuppetman.com)
Assistant Puppeteer: Keith Land
Puppet Designer/Builder: Alexander Mergold (http://www.freewebs.com/amcreatures/)
Production Designer: Brian Thomas Barnhart
DP: Parker Tolifson
Editors: Chris Buongiorno and Paul Sabater
Gaffer: Matt Irwin
Key Grip: Juff Kulig
Color Correction: Brian Buongiorno
Sound Mix: Ryan Young
Camera Package provided by: Jason Young at Absolute Rentals - Burbank, CA (http://www.absoluterentals.com/)
Craft Services and Stage provided by: Dylan Hernandez at Center Stage Theatre - Fontana, CA.

ASCII version: http://www.asciimeo.com/27636602

**Shot on Iconix HD w/ C-Mount lenses. Production stills: www.chrisbuongiorno.com/100Monkeys

Uploaded: 2011-08-12 15:29:10 (original)